folder path dropdown list issue in certain internet browsers

I love the app very much. Everything works fine till now except that I come across an issue with folder path dropdown list under certain internet browsers/systems.

When you add a folder, you click “add folder” and a dialogue box pops up. In the “folder path” section, when you click in the text box, it should show the root folder path (on windows, it’s like C:, D:; On unix-like systems, it’s /), and then you can select the file path step by step. There is no need to input it by yourself.

This is a normal practice when I accessed the GUI with the Edge/IE/Chrome on windows system. On Mac, when I use Chrome, it works fine and the folder path dropdown list shows. However, when I use Safari, it does not show. Also, When I use an ipad/iphone, I could not see the dropdown list anymore (I tried safari/chrome, etc). However, I found that manually inputting the folder path works.

I wonder it may be an browser/system issue? It should be a dropdown list shown for selection. Could you please solve it? thanks.

As far as I recall Safari simply does not support the feature, so there is nothing we can solve here.

Thanks for the prompt response. I see. what a pity.

It’s weird that Chrome on Mac and Windows supports this feature, while Chrome on ipad/iphone does not support? Maybe they are different Chromes…

Of course they are. Apple doesn’t allow other browser engines on iOS. So it’s more or less Safari with a Chrome skin instead of real Chrome.

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Noted with thanks.

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