folder move issue.

So I had a folder “Camera” synced between my old android phone and my computer. Got a new phone and synced it back without changing any settings other than setting it to send and receive.

Noticed that none of my photos were showing in my photos app. Upon further looking my new phone puts everything in storage/emulated/0/dcim not storage/emulated/0/camera.

I removed the folder from syncthing on android, copied all the files from /camera to /dcim and then reshared the folder from my desktop this time choosing the /dcim folder as the location.

This made syncthing on android peeved and it came back with error folder marker missing.

Went back to the original camera folder with hidden files turned on and say only a .dbsu file there. I copied it over but it did not help.

What is my next step. At the there should be no version mismatches but there are files on the phone not present on the computer.

The folder marker is called .stfolder and it should be located in your newly added DCIM folder, not in the old, removed folder. Is there no .stfolder inside DCIM? If there is one and you’re still seeing the error message, then I’d say the description sounds similar to "folder marker missing" and doubled global state after removing and re-adding folder in a 3-device setup · Issue #8416 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub. Have you tried simply restarting Syncthing on Android? If that doesn’t help still, how about trying to remove and re-add the folder once again?

Also, are you sure the path is storage/emulated/0/dcim and not /storage/emulated/0/Camera/DCIM? The latter is what Android normally uses for taken photos.

Yep. Pixel decided to be special on the location.

Restart on android did not fix it.

It is a 3 device folder although device number three has been disconnected for probably about 3 weeks or so. Device for my old phone has been missing for about a week and has been removed from the sharing simply because it got stolen.

I will probably just manually merge them and start over with a new folder, but thought I’d ask to see if there was a quick fix.

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