Folder Marker Missing when recreating previous folder

I know the “folder marker missing” error has been discussed many times, but I couldn’t find a thread specific to this case.

I had a shared folder, which I want to move its path. I remove the Shared Folder from SyncThing, then on another remote PC, I un-share it & re-share it, so I get the notification back on the PC where I want to do the move. I accept the notification & input the new path. As soon as I do, I get the “folder marker missing” error. I’m 100% certain the path is right. If I then manually create the folder marker, it shows “out of sync,” and will not proceed with the sync.

If I follow the same procedure but give it the path of an empty folder, it’s the same result.

At this point, I can’t seem to find any way to recreate this shared folder on the PC where it was removed - when I accept the share invitation, no matter where I put it: original path, new path with original files, new path with empty folder - it always gives me this error.

If I create a brand new shared folder (different folder id), it works fine.

Why will it not allow me to recreate this previously-removed shared folder?

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Does the error persist even after restarting Syncthing?

The missing folder marker persists after restarting, yes.

However, it looks like if I: 1) Remove the folder, 2) Quit & restart Syncthing, 3) Then accept the inbound folder share request, then it works. So it seems you cannot re-share a removed folder without quitting Syncthing in between. Seems like a bug.

Yeah, similar problems have a been reported on the forum quite a few times. If you can reproduce it reliably (if possible, in a clean installation), please open an issue on GitHub with exact steps on how to do this. If you can attach db and model debug logs recorded when doing so, that would be even better.

Reproduced at


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