Folder isn't making progress 2017

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Yes, of course 'cause Windows10 doesn’t let you name a file with a backslash inside.

(Jakob Borg) #22
DEBUG: sendReceiveFolder/qjznm-pqohs@0xc04209eb40 closing Azienditalia Enti locali\2006_3.pdf
DEBUG: temporary: AziendItalia Enti Locali\~syncthing~2006_3.pdf.tmp

There is a case-only difference in the directory name. This is To fix, rename that directory (and the other one with the same problem) to something completely different, let that sync, rename it back to what you want.

(Giovanni Vagante) #23

YES!!! It worked: I’m gonna test, but it seems works. At the same time I can assure I’ve renamed the folders before opened this thread, but maybe I haven’t exit from SyncTrayzor before this operation. Ok, thank you for your time and precious work! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

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