Folder is out of sync, even when only send

I have on a android phone (source) one server marked as “send only”. On Ubuntu Desktop (receiver), its set to send&receive, because there is no “receive only”.

When files from phone are sent to desktop and are then removed on desktop, the phone app says “out of sync”. Desktop browser app says, folder is up-to-date. But it still lists the deleted files in the “Out of Sync Items” area of the connected phone (section “remote devices”) with size 0.

Iam happy, that the phone does not send the files again, but still this out of sync is bothering me. And that the Desktop app says up-to-date on the one hand, but lists the files in the out of sync list makes no sense.

Maybe its a wrong approach, to use Syncthing that way? Because I do not want to keep the files in the Sync folder on desktop, but move them to other folders after I have them on Desktop.

Otherwise, when there is a “send only” function on one of the sides, there should be a “receive only” function on the other side as well.

It is explained in the documentation that this is expected. The phone not deleting the files makes it out of sync as it doesn’t have the latest version of the file (the deleted version), so the out of sync indication makes sense.

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