Folder ignores but counts in Webui

I synchronized the folder Folder1 but excluded the subfolder Folder2. In the webui I see the Folder1 with its complete size (including Folder2). Is this an error or went something wrong?

You need a restart after ignore changes for some things to fully get in sync with reality. This could be one of them.

Thanks for the fast answer! I already restarted syncthing. Problem still exists. /Folder2 is the rule Folder2 is a direct subfolder in Folder1. Is this correct?

edit: problem occurs on a linux and on a windows machine. Both running v11.5

Does the local count or the global count doesn’t change?

Both doesn’t change.The folder has 42GB in the Filesystem. Without the ignored folders in it it should have about 16GB.

Perhaps your pattern is incorrect? Although something seems to be ignored successfully, as the two devices have differing amounts of data.

In Both cases I am using the pattern


One system is Windows the other Linux. If I understand the wiki right there is no difference for the patterns concerning OS.

Well, it sounds correct, but there may be a mistake or misunderstanding somewhere as you are masking your actual paths and configuration from us. So we don’t know.

I you want to have a look on my system you are welcome :smile: I just dont want to publish it here :wink:

edit: If anybody can help me I offer a alldebrid oder account :wink:

Just found this: (not synced objects)

But at the same time these patterns are active:

Yeah, this is worth an issue on github and a test case.

$ is a special symbol, try


Well it’s not being synced to start with, hence I think that’s not a problem?


should be >20 1234567890