Folder "foldername" isn't making progress - subfolders issues


I have an issue with my current setup. My NAS is running on Openmediavault (debian wheezy), my macbook pro is on yosemite 10.10.2.

The sync is working, all files and folders are on both computers, but on the NAS side, the web gui keeps telling me that there’s still unsynced elements. When I check the unsynced elements list, it shows all the subfolders of my shared folder. They are synced, and I don’t understand why they appears in a unsynced state.

Any ideas ?

Check the console for errors.

I have a lot of these : [IUVH7] 18:16:04 INFO: Puller (folder “foldername”, dir “subfolder”): chmod /home/foldername/subfolder: operation not permitted

After a chmod -R 755 on foldername, it went a lot better, now 100% synced. Not sure why, because the syncthing process is launched with a user “syncthing” who has read / write / execute rights on that folder via ACL.

I am not sure how ACLs work/are implemented, but I guess if the files were not owned by syncthing user and the chmod syscall doesn’t get the ACLs applied, it fails.

Alternatively, you can set ignore permissions option.