Folder exclusion

Hi everyone, I would need to exclude the Music folder contained in Personal, I tried but I did not succeed. The path is this “C: \ Personal \ Music” Give me information thanks a lot.

Give us information first please. What did you try to do and what is the content of your .stignore?

Unfortunately I do not speak English well. I have the “personal” folder with other subfolders inside that is synchronized correctly. One of these subfolders is the “music” folder I do not want to sync, how do I do it?

Tried what?

But as it will probably be faster for everyone, add the following to the .stignore file in the root directory of your folder (I assume it’s “C:\Personal”)

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Was it so simple? I tried to insert ((? D) (? I)! ** ** //) as a guide hahahahha Thanks a lot :wink:

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