folder error

foldermarker missing (this indicates potential dataloss,search docs/forum to get informationabout how to proceed)

The source folder is /dcim/ and the destination folder is /social/dress/red the configuration folder is /social/ but got this error? can not use the subfoder for the destination folder?

Perhaps it makes sense to put the link that explains what this message means in the message itself. This question comes up here all the time.

/home/social is the installed folder with docker. failed to add to the folder /social/dress/red

According to your screenshot, the directory /home/social/dress is owned by root while the other directories around it are owned by an unidentified user with UID 911 (although not impossible, usernames on a Unix/Linux system normally begin with a letter).

If Syncthing is running as user/UID 911, then the permissions on that destination directory needs to be changed from root to 911.

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