Folder automatically switched its type from "master" to "normal"

Hi, I would like to report that after the last update of the Android app the only folder which I have synchronized on my smartphone has automatically switched its type from “master” to “normal”, causing a mess in the following synchronization. I’ve not been touching Syncthing’s settings for months and everything went well in the meantime, so I would assume it’s not an error on my side. I would like to check if it only happened to me and, in case it didn’t, if the developers are aware of it.

Which version caused this problem?

Version 0.8.8

That version only has 3 commits, none of which changed anything that touches the config. It could be an older bug, but I’ve never heard of this. Do you have logs, or steps to reproduce?

I have heard of this before on the android tracker. There was a guy complaining about folders getting randomly removed which I suspect is related, perhaps to se race.

No I’m sorry, no logs because when I found the phone after the messy synchronization it had 100% used space and was unusable, and thinking about getting it correctly working again I forgot to save the log. About the steps, it litterally did everything on its own, as I said I did not touch the Synchthing app and its settings for months.

That was in 0.9.0-beta1, which rewrites the entire handling of the config.

This thread is about 0.8.8, which didn’t have any changes in this area.

@Twelve Sorry nothing we can do then. But let us know if you can get additional info.

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