Foce overrite on 'directory is not empty'

Hi, ist there an option to tell syncthing to simply ignore and overwrite/delete directories instead of showing these errors?

  • directory is not empty
  • directory contains unexpected files, scheduling scan

I have more than 700 files/dirs in this condition. I could delete them all manually but if there is an automatic way this would be much appreciated.

No, there is no way to override that. However if you can provide us information about dirs/files/systems where it happens, we hopefully can fix it. If it is on windows and there are case sensitivity problems, then the problem is already known, but also huge, i.e. it will hopefully be fixed eventually, but not very soon.

If you have ignored files that you are ok to be deleted you could add the prefix as explained in the docs.

In that case the error is directory contains ignored files (see ignore documentation for (?d) prefix).

Most of my problems are solved now (i manually deleted some sub-dirs which had the problems and some other problems possibly solved itself after “revert local changes” - just took some time).

I think it was two cases:

  • Changed case in dir-names.
  • Ignored files in the folder.

I got a new error now:

  • file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

This happened in a renamed folder (lower to upper case), too.

Thanks for your help. I think i’m good now.

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