First time using Syncthing - Error insufficient space

Hello, i’m a beginner and trying to figure out how to use this program. I installed Synctrazor, but receiving an error when starting the program:

Error on folder “Default Folder” (default): insufficient space on disk for database (C:\Users\Anon\AppData\Local\Syncthing\index-v0.14.0.db): 0.7 % < 1 %

Yes, there is little space on this disk, so I want to move the database to another disk, i did some googling and apparently it works with -home. I have no idea how and where to write it though. Could someone give me a step by step tutorial? Do i have to rename the exe? For example, my install direction is F:/SyncTrayzor and the folder i want to sync is on F:/Sync. But the Database is on the C path above. Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help me please? It’s probably an easy fix but i’m new

you can set free space rule by editing folder - advanced

In SyncTrayzor, please check File > Settings > Syncthing > Advanced > Syncthing Custom Home Path. This will not “move” the current files though, so make sure that you shut Syncthing down and copy everything manually to the new path before changing the setting.

Also, just a side note, but running Windows with less than 1% of free space is not great and may easily lead to system instabilities. The only exception, I would say, is a very large partition, e.g. 1 TB or larger, where 1% still equals 10 GB or more.


Hello, I’ve tried following you but as i said i’m new and now something is messed up. What exactly should i put in the Syncthing Custom Home Path? The path to the Syncthing folder or the folder i want to sync? I did the latter and now Syncthing won’t start as i receive this error message.

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I believe that it needs to be pointed at the folder where Syncthing configuration and database are located. The default paths are listed under If you really want to change the database (and config) location, that will be the folder that you need to move.

If you are not sure what you are doing though, I wound strongly suggest reading the whole Introduction and Usage sections of the Documentation thoroughly, especially before playing around with the more advanced settings.

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