first synchro is done but next synchro never end

Hello I just discover and install syncthing on my synology Nas DSM 6.x + installation and configuration of syncthing on android.

My first configuration and synchronization is a success as I have a folder on phone that is synchronized on the Nas : phone content has been transfered to the Nas.

Then I tried to modify the folder on both side (Nas and phone) but nothing more is synchronized. The synchro is configured on phone so that every modif is synchronized.

In syncthing android app, synchronization is stucked at 0%.

Any idea ?

On syncthing gui I have the error “folder marker missing” meaning that .stfolder is missing.

On the phone the folder .stfolder is present.

On the nas I don’t know as I’m not sure to display hidden files.

Is .stfolder needed on Nas side ? If yes, how could it be possible that it is removed as I don’t remove it myself ?

I delete the task then recreate it and again same problem. This time with a .stfolder_removed created on Nas side.

Then I delete again + .stfolder_removed deletion on Nas side. And then create again and this time I have the .stfolder created on Nas side and synchro is a success (I have now two folder .stfolder_removed). But I don’t understand why it failed earlier.

I was using 4g connectivity in subway. Is syncthing not robust to disconnection ?

The only real clue I can see here is that the .stfolder_removed name is not a pattern used in Syncthing. Some other piece of software must be messing around with that folder marker, renaming or deleting it at will. You will have to find out what it is and tame that other software to stay away from .stfolder.

Another possibility is using a custom folder marker name, see FAQ — Syncthing documentation

Problem resolved I had a right problem. The _removed is added by syncthing each time I create a new synchro in a folder where there is already a .stfolder inside

.stfolder becomes .stfolder_removed when a folder is removed in the GUI.

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