First impressions


I’ve just discovered Syncthing and was directly impressed. I used btsync before to keep work documents on my desktop and my laptop in sync.

So I removed btsync and installed syncthing instead. The process was easy and worked very smoothly.

Two strange things, however, happened:

  • After indexing the repo on both nodes (which took some 10 minutes), the whole repository was resynced between both nodes (app 24GB), although both nodes had identical data (was synced before by btsync). I thought, as syncthing surely has file hashes, it would not need to do another “initial” sync?

  • The whole sync process was very slow (about 1MB/s on a GB LAN) and took about 5 hours. At the whole time the CPU load on the laptop (Intel CoreDuo with 4GB RAM) was 100%. This seems to me as being extremely inefficient. Is it possible that the AES library is not optimized at all? (I’m just wondering, because with that CPU usage and the time it took, it would have been possible to completely encrypt the whole hard disk instead of only 24GB.)

Otherwise, I am really looking forward to the further developemnt of this very nice tool. If I may add a feature request, I would like to suggest to change the “repository master” to a node specific read or write permission (like btsyncs read-only secrets). I do have some usage scenarios, where I have a folder that should be updated by several sources but also accessed by other sources that should only have read only access.

Thanks again!