Files vanished on my smartphone

Okay, let’s be honest: I’m downloading porn movies and I’m watching porn movies. I normally sync the files between two laptops and my Huawei smartphone. So the files are with me all the time.

Surprisingly these files have vanished from my smartphone. This has happened two or three times. I have a folder on all devices that contains a subfolder named “P0rn”. These subfolder has vanished. Not the main folder. It’s like someone decides to delete the files remotely. Again: this has happend two or three times. Nothing else has vanished but the XXX-movies on my phone.

Well, Syncthing doesn’t judge. You should probably look around for other culprits.


I would guess that there may be some kind of an automatic cleanup routine present on the phone, especially since this is not stock Android, and different manufacturers are known to include such things. The “XXX” in the filenames may be triggering it. Just an assumption though, but you may want to ask about this on Huawei related forums.

Yes, I really think it has something to do with the phone. Because this only happens on the phone. I synced some files yesterday. And this morning, the whole subfolder was gone. I’m sure I can recover the files from both of my laptops. The files don’t have “XXX” in their names. Something strange is going on.

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