Files suddenly got deleted

My files suddenly got deleted last night. The folders and subfolders are still there, but the files are missing. I didn’t turn on versioning so I realise that I can’t recover them, but I want to at least understand the issue so that I don’t have to face it again in the future with more important files. Both of the devices in the syncchain were android, I’ve added the logs from both devices below. Please help.

Link to the logs.

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There is nothing in the logs to indicate deletion.

Syncthing just syncs changes between two devices, it doesn’t by itself decide to delete the files.

I know Android devices have a funky user space filesystem that sometimes fails and files temporarily disappear and re-appear, but I’d expect the files to come back in this case.

Perhaps the fact that it’s 2 Android devices can somehow lead to this case, not sure.

Sorry that I can’t be of more help, but there is not much to follow here.

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I can understand. I think I’ll shift to a star topology. Keep the important folder send only on my laptop and receive only on the mobile devices.


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