Files larger than 10Gb are not updated.

Hello. When mirroring does not update files from 10Gb or more. 6gb is normal. If on the receiving side delete the old file and temporary, then mirror normally. Conclusion: only new files are mirrored, existing files larger than 10Gb are not updated. Mirroring between Debian and Windows. Versions latest total.

Can you fix it ?

Check the logs or try a manual rescan and see if that works


Do you have enough RAM free for Syncthing to work?

Hi. 4GB memory. Temporarily decided to delete old versions of files on the second side. After removing the old versions, the new versions of the files loaded normally. The update does not pass. The problem remained.

Did you check the logs on both sides? Can you provide screenshots from both sides?

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It might not be fully indexing the file. I’m able to pull down 400Gb+ server backup files off remote servers. It does take a long time before they start, but they do get there…


I tend to do these as a monthly offsite (as a 3rd backup for my lab testing for updates etc)

Sorry, so do you have a problem or you don’t?

If you have a problem, please provide logs and screenshots from both sides showing the problem.

Sorry for the delay. As soon as the situation persists, will post logs. Wait a couple of days, please.