Files have vashied in a synced folder

Hey! I’m generally very fond of Syncthing, I use it in a company I work for to do some network services (generating 3D visuals from 2D drawings with Blender).

I had a weird thing happen to me last Friday. I worked from home, and my home studio PC has a folder sync established with my work machine for a certain project folder. And I was adding new files gradually saving newer versions of a Blender project in there (with incremented numbers at the end of the filename: 01, 02 etc). I saved my last version about 5:00 PM, but I can not locate any version older than 4:15PM. Over an hour of my work has vanished. It’s not something I can’t redo with a little effort, but that’s a bit scary. What if next time my whole day of work vanishes? I’ve changed the folder settings to use “Trashcan” versioning so if Syncthing would delete files, I would at least have them still somewhere. But I don’t know if I can trust that.

Also - I saved some files under an etirely different name around 5:30 PM and these are all there.

The machine on the other end was on and it was rendering animation frames in EXRm which were synced onto my home studio machine as I was working all day. None of that vanished.

Also - for some reason I’ve noticed that this folder is starting to recur in itself, having multiple copies of it’s contents in a tree hierarchy. I searched for my lost files in 3 branches I could find, I searched my rdiff-backup backups - no luck.

This makes me think - what could cause something like this to happen? And: shouldn’t I always use some kind of file versioning for important Syncthing folders?

Something is screwed up with your setup if you have nested trees, potentially bad mounts or paths being incorrect.

Syncthing tracks events as they happen (additions removals etc) in the global change log available from the ui, so if its recent, the explanation might still be there, or if you ran with -verbose or -audit options.

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