Files are not shared... (folder with many files and subfolders)

I now disabled the virus scanner and the reaction time was a little bit better.

But I still have 100% CPU from Syncthing over a long time and the log now tells me this: syncthingLog.txt (4.5 KB) - 30 minutes after the start he tells me “Completed initial scan (ro) of folder LogimaDatenVersenkung”. And the 100% CPU cycle regularly starts again (while Syncthing is running).

I tried again the time for “/rest/model?folder=LogimaDatenVersenkung” and that still is about 5 minutes.

Did I mention that the CPU is one core with 3.40 GHz (Intel Xeon CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz)?

Thanks for your support!

Have you changed your scan interval from the default of 60 seconds? That’s a tad too often when the scan itself takes 30 minutes. Does the inotify stuff maybe work for you here?

I changed the interval to 3 hours now.

If that works I will have a look at inotify.