file watcher disabled, but file changes being instantly scanned

Don’t know if it’s a bug or by design, but on send only I have some folders that are set to have the file watcher disabled and rescan time set to 86400 (1 day) as I don’t need the contents being watched all the time. They contain differential images and only change once a day.

But recently I have noticed that when I do a differential backup, the file is already being scanned during the backup process so at the end, the software is not able to rename the file.

As a test, I just made a copy of a file and within minutes it’s getting synced.

i’m currently on 1.9.0, but saw it on rc5


Scans can in some cases also be triggered by activity from other devices (they request a block and we notice it doesn’t match the expected hash, or they announce a change and we notice the file on disk has changed from what it should be), or via the API of course. Otherwise I don’t know. If you run with -verbose you get log entries for each scan and other folder state changes.

Do you run SyncTrayzor? If you do, check the tab Folders in the settings to see if SyncTrayzor is watching the folder in question. Disabling the watcher there should fix it.

I had this exact same issue, and it took me a while to figure it out.


I have only just started using synctrayzor at remote sites, so will give that a go. thanks

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