File synchronization instead of a whole directory?

I would like to synchronize 1 file from the many in a folder.

Do i have to move this file if i don’t want sync x-TB of data?

  • Is it possible in the current version? 0.14.6 (If yes, how?)

It can be done with ignore patterns.

!theFileToSync.txt **

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What do you want to use it for? Have you read the docs?

Because this is free software that is developed by people who have different requirements to you and aren’t inclined to pander to people who sound like spoilt brats too used to being given everything they want.

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Worked, thanks. I did read the docs about this, and i could not understand a word from it. You should change its description to this 1 line solution instead of “fooing” on the whole page.

One more question:

  • what is the pattern only for the “.txt”-file extensions among other file types? (I want only the “.txt” files from the folder.) It would be too easy like this or bingo?:

!*.txt **

Firefox warned me about a cert which is valid until 2050. I thought it can be changed or at least generate a stronger one. Who knows remote settings may supported. I will try to read and understand the docs.

Ps.: I did not want to hurt anybody with those WHYs. Your work is appreciated. I just did want a simple explanation for analphabetics as me.

That should work for anything in the base directory but will not work for subdirectories.