File sync via Syncthing and metadata updating

Hello All,

I did some poking around and have not found this scenario.

My setup: MediaMonkey music manager installed on Work (W) and Home (H) computers, large (2.75TB) library, mix of FLAC & MP3. Both also configured with SyncThing (ST) to maintain identical versions of my library files for backup and access. Identical OS (Win10) and file/folder structures both sides. They do not share a database, and I don’t want them to.

When I add new files to either side, very shortly they appear in the other. When I modify metadata via MediaMonkey, MM updates the timestamp, ST recognizes the change and does a sync. However, metadata changes do not appear on the receiving end.

Example: I have four main folders and have applied a Grouping tag to aid in auto-organize tasks. A batch of files were updated in H, and then synced to W, but the Grouping tags remained as before.

Similar result happens with renaming albums, correcting Artist, updating Genre, et cetera.

Previously I used Resilio Sync and it seemed all tags were kept in sync.

I’m pursuing a similar thread in the MediaMonkey forums, but wanted to ask here if I should expect metadata to update in this scenario.


Tags are stored within the file so are just the same as any other file changes as far as ST is concerned.

It seems most likely some of the metadata is only stored in the MediaMonkey database or MediaMonkey on the receiving side isn’t updating it’s database when the metadata of the file changes.


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