File name too long won't go away

I’ve got my dad’s system in send mode, and my NAS in receive mode. My dad created a file with a long name that was fine on his system, but too long on the NAS because of a deeper folder path resulting in a failed item error on my end.

I asked him to do something so my system would read all clear. He deleted that file and did a rescan, but I still have the failed item on my end. How can I make this error go away?

Does the error persist after restarting Syncthing? Can you post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides? Please make sure that both the folder info and the error message are visible. You can obfuscate specific paths or labels if they contain private information, but please make sure everything else is fully visible.

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I had to press my dad to take a screenshot, and then when he did so the screenshot did not match what he told me.

Turns out although he said there was no error on his end, he did have the error the entire time. Pressing him more to verify everything else he said, it turns out he deleted the wrong dang file. Sorry for wasting your time.

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