"File is open in syncthing.exe" but no syncthing installed anymore.

Hi all.

Was tinkering around with Syncthing and Synctrayzor. Was working well for a while. My notebook froze up and I had to do a hard reboot. After coming back in, syncthing wouldn’t start with exit 1 error. Found it has to do with the lock file that was in progress I guess. Tried to delete the folder in %appdata%\local but keep getting a message 000001.log is open in syncthing.exe. The catch is, there is no more syncthing.exe. I uninstalled both syncthing and trayzor, deleted the files in %appdata%\roaming\ and have searched EVERYTHING and found no trace of the file. There is nothing in the Process Explorer either, nor any open handle on the file.

What could be the issue here?

No idea. Restart the machine again?

First thing I tried. Multiple times.

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