Feedback on my getting started with Syncthing

Hi, thanks for this piece of software, I’m liking it!

This is strictly feedback, I’m not having an issue.

I have two macbook pros. I installed syncthing using homebrew (super easy). I paired the two devices.

I added the important folders from my user home directory to be sync’ed across the two machines. These folders contain many small files and also bigger media files. Initial state is 419215 items and ~23.6 Gib.

The following notes are all observed during the initial sync.

  1. I wanted to say that the progress indicator associated with folders and devices are not reliable. The progress they report is erratic, it jumps around and I even saw a negative progress percent.

They seem to have stabilized and look more ‘realistic’ after a bit of time, maybe 10-20mins.

Also, a page reload might reveal totally different progress values.

  1. In the UI, I would maybe have folders or devices that are currently sync’ing pulse (light pulse animation effect) to indicate activity. The UI looks very static even though there is heavy sync’ing activity going on below.

  2. At some point folder statuses became “Unknown” and Local State could not be resolved (0). CPU usage was ~30% and ram 240 MiB.

  3. Sometimes the two devices will both see both be “Disconnected” from each other, although there is still much left to sync. It sometimes takes awhile (more than the configured 60 sec scan interval) for them to start sync’ing again. One time this happenned when, on one device, I added a new folder to be shared.

  4. Global Discovery can take looong time to resolve (go form red to green)

I’m looking forward to getting to know syncthing better, it looks promising

1, 3) These are updated periodically, and updates arriving from other devices can make them look negative, becuas ewe’ve synced some file which is now removed, etc. There are issues on the tracker for these.

  1. Feel free to make a PR

  2. Time for this is defined as reconnect interval not rescan interval, and it depends on the topology of the network.

  3. Long time is not a number I can comment on, but there is a small (10s?) delay to allow local discovery to have a chance first, then it tries global discovery. The UI value is updated once every minute (or 10s can’t remeber) I think.