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Hello, I hope i m in the right category here.

I am new using syncthing. I am using it to have a second copy of the files of my mobile phone. It already was good after my old phone was stolen, so I still had a lot of the files.

But there are some things I m missing or can’t find, maybe u can help me:

(1.) Whatsapp restored the media of the old phone at the new one from the google drive backup. But all with the actual date. I want to have the original one.

There is no Master at the wapp directory at the phone/the Laptop.

So if I update it at the laptop it is synced to the phone.

So I overwrote the media at the laptop with the backup files with the same size and content but different date, but it is not gonna syncing the new date to the files at the phone (because the file content is the same I think).

(2.) Setting to choose which directories should only be synced at a wifi-connection and which also at mobile internet.

(3.) Is there a documentation or can someone easily explain it how syncthing detectes changes? Because I do not set master directories (that i can easily move files from a syncthing- to a non syncthing-directory at the laptop and they re deleted from the phone) I m always afraid syncthing unwanted deletes some files at the phone.

(4.) I first set up syncthing to sync the whole memory of the old phone. Internal and SD-Card. The phone had root access. But it did not really work (why?). Then I chose only the sd card at the phone which worked.

So far

  1. Android OS has a long standing bug which prevents adjusting mtimes, so it simply can’t be done.
  2. Check android issue tracker. I think there already exists an issue for that.
  3. The docs are in docs.syncthing.net and explain what you ask for.
  4. Because some filea are not real files and cannot be synced, plus the directory layout on android actually can cause loops via bind mounts, resulting in a never ending sync.


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