Feature to remove old nodes


i would like to open a discussion for a feature:

removing old nodes on all nodes.

There is the option for introducer nodes. these nodes should be able to remove unwanted nodes also. even on the other nodes.



Yep. It’s filed, will happen at some point:

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since this is a really old request… qould it be possible to add this to the master branch within this 0.12 release ?

If you are willing to write the feature, then yes, why not.


well… i am not programming since 20 years now. just analysing, configurations, understanding code,writing issue descriptions, working with developers, programmers, sales and designers…

would be hard for me to try this, to be honest. but thanks for your trust in me…

i am trying to help on this project with my ideas and a big company perspective, because i believe in this project.

best regards from germany


In my opinion, Syncthing should focus on its main task (synchronizing files) and we can build a whole ecosystem of tools for clustermanagement etc. on top of that. I am in favor of “one tool, one job”, so that the tool doesn’t get bloated.