Feature Request: Tor

Please add an option to allow the use of Tor within Syncthing. This can protect users IP Addresses when sharing files with others.

I use Syncthing not only to sync files between my devices, but to share files between family and friends, I use a VPN but I know many do not and I am able to get my friends IP Addresses by being connected to them in Syncthing.


I think this can be achieved by adding the http_proxy , https_proxy env variable.

Syncthing respects socks proxy environment variables, which can be used to dial out using a socks proxy (which Tor implements), but the listening side needs to be on the public internet, or behind a relay.

If you don’t want things to announce their public ip addresses, just force everything to go via a relay by changing the listen addresses.

How will one do this with the Syncthing Android and Synctrayzor?

Do what, there were multiple things proposed.