Feature request: synced ignore


I’ve looked around and couldn’t find any post on this topic so here goes: I would really like a way to keep folder ignore patterns synced. My use case: dev projects with hefty build folders in multiple different languages. Because I develop in multiple different languages it can be easy to forget a pattern for a build folder in a different language. This in and of itself isn’t a problem, but it’s starting to become a real headache to keep them synced, and it seems a very natural thing to want to keep synced. Maybe not for everything, but in a large number of cases, if I want to ignore something in one device I want to ignore it in many!

It also adds another problem where if A ignores folder target but B doesn’t, then I think when B makes changes A can be marked as out of sync? I’ll be honest I’m not exactly sure how to describe what’s going on here, but I’ve definitely had problems with devices requesting files that are excluded everywhere else but somehow are marked as out of date. Even if this isn’t something you’d want to change, it might be good to add something to signal to the user that that is what’s happening. I hope that’s a useful description? Feel free to ping/dm me if you have a question.

Thanks for all the hard work everyone, Syncthing is awesome :slight_smile:

You can already sync ignores by using the #include directive as explained in the docs.

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As described, for that two files are in use


The .stignore is generated, if you have entrances over the GUI

and in the .stglobalignore the ignore patterns are stored. This .stglobalignore will sync to all connected devices for each folder.

The name of “.stglobalignore” is free, so maybe you can use also .ignorepatternonalldevices, so the entrance is for that #include .ignorepatternonalldevices.

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Thank you!