Feature Request: Re-Order Repos and Nodes in UI

Purely a cosmetic request, not a deal-breaker for me. I am starting to think about larger scale clusters.

It looks like repos and nodes are listed in the web UI in the order in which they were created. Would be nice if there was a way to re-order them - for example: alphabetical or numerical order. Drag and drop sorting in the UI would be ideal.

I suppose one can re-order the “node id=” and “repository id=” items inside the config file, but this is kind of messy.


Pushing the envelope further (version 2.x?), imagine being able to sort repos and nodes into categories (Work / Personal / Social) using custom colors or the ability to insert icons onto the repo or node bar.

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I like the suggestion above. Just a note that the nodes and repos currently are sorted, nodes by name, repos by path. By path, because that’s what was shown in the header until recently, but now it’s the repo ID so it should really be sorted by that instead – I’ll try to remember fixing this.