Feature Request: new folder type: Archive Folder

I would really love to see another feature like the “Folder Master”. The use case is as follows:

There are 2 devices in the scenario, device A and device B.

Files are created on device A and shall be synced to an Archive Folder on device B but changes which might (but usually won’t) happen on device B shall not be synced to device A. Up to this point this could be accomplished using a Folder Master.

But here comes the point: When data is deleted on device A, it shall not be deleted on device B.

This could be useful e.g. on mobile phones when synching your camera photos and videos. The pictures and movies you record will be transferred to the Archive Folder and will be kept there even if you delete them on your mobile device to free up space. This might also be useful in business environments e.g. to archive your projects after they are finished even if you delete them on your work station.

I guess there are more urgent tasks to complete but maybe someone will have some spare time in the future and will like to pick up this request.

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You can already achieve this with the versioning options (on device B in your example).

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There is a hidden folder setting: “ignoreDelete” which you can set in the advanced settings (Actions -> Advances -> Folder “{your folder name}” -> ignoreDelete.

If you set this on device B, it should work as you want.

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Hi wweich,

thanks a lot for your reply. In combination with Folder Master that’s exactly what I was aiming for :slight_smile:

But bare in mind that both devices will see each other as out of sync all the time, and device A will probably always have the “override changes” button.