Feature Request: Confirm Before Delete Folder

This seems like a simple feature, but the button “Remove” is in a spot that I click by mistake more that once (for example when accessing “Ignore Pattern”). No confirmations means that the folder is removed and I have to create all over again, very annoying! A simple “Are you sure?” would solve the problem. :slight_smile:

No… But the ignore patterns button is incorrectly placed. It should be over on the right to avoid the issue. Compare, bad order on folders:

Correct order on devices:

If it was still deemed necessary I’d rather see an “undo” feature in the UI than a prompt. It wouldn’t be too difficult as each change is a complete config post, so we could keep the last x configs around and be able to rollback with a mouseclick.


I’d like a “are you sure?” after I press Delete.

I know it’s human choice, but it seems quite standard these days to have a “come on, did you mean to press that button?”

…think Baby Groot…

“Do not press the red button”.


PS: what happens if it’s deleted… can I just add it back real quick and it’s like it never happened?

It will still have to reindex everything