fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution


i’m using Syncthing for a while now on several devices and really like it. But since Update v1.1.0 I get an error on a MacBook with OSX 10.8.5. Before the update Syncthing was running fine on this machine for several months. I also got several other OSX devices running fine. I already redownloaded Syncthing and recreated the files in configuration folder ($HOME/Library/Application Support/Syncthing) but still the same error. So I hope you can help me fix this problem. Since as a new user I can not attatch files I uploaded the panic log file to google drive:


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As far as I remember Go requires macOS > 10.10 since 1.11 and now in 1.12 Syncthing seems to actually use something that triggers the error you are encountering. Your options are:

  • Update your system (recommended option).
  • Stay on a Syncthing version that still works for you.

Thanks for your help! I installed v1.0.1 and it works fine!

I’ll still have to check the other OSX machines. I’ll update my results here.

Ok all the old Macs except a 2018 Mac Book Pro with Mojave had the same problem. I downgraded all Macs with outdated OS to Syncthing 1.0.1 and disabled auto update.

Still one question: Will I have to expect to encounter compatibility problems in the future if some of the machines will get the latest Syncthing updates and others will stay on v1.0.1? Then I should probably disable auto update on all of them to ensure they can always sync. PS: My syncthing environment contains of three Linux based NAS (Qnap QTS) and several Windows/Mac clients with inhomogeneous OS versions. Thanks for your suggestions.

Inevitably yes, as I suspect the protocol will change in some undefined amount of time. It should not change in a backwards compatability breaking way without having to press “yes update to the next majore release” tho.

Thanks for your quick answers and great work!

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