FATAL: Config: check digit incorrect

(Zimbo) #1

syncthing[42543]: [7X3Q4] FATAL: Config: check digit incorrect. Few servers are not syncthing with master server and I am getting this error in master server. Can you please help with this issue? Thank you

(Jakob Borg) #2

Probably the config is corrupt - the error indicates a device ID is incorrect.

(Zimbo) #3

Is it good to remove .config and run puppet to regenerate it?

(Jakob Borg) #4

It’s your config so you are free to manage it as you please. However it’s not possible to add an invalid device ID through the GUI, so I would verify that the config you are generating is indeed correct.

(Kreddy0404) #5

sync master1: syncthing[28156]: [5FQBS] INFO: Connection from CT375AG-7K4FVK6-OX3W5FY-KG3KJZW-YNXRMS6-XSJZELG-XBAD2FG-C65UMAO at (tcp-server) rejected: unknown device

sync master2: syncthing[42215]: [7X3Q4] INFO: Connection from NQV2ZWU-PBWN4WG-WUAJRNW-AYAFYC6-4WVBI3U-BDLMC2I-NL6MM4N-GDBQFQ2 at (tcp-server) rejected: unknown device

We are seeing this error on syncthing master servers where all remote devices will connect to sync files.

I will upload sttrace log logs shortly

(Audrius Butkevicius) #6

There is nothing to upload, the devices in question are not added on each other, hence are refused. Please check the getting started guide.

(Kreddy0404) #7

Please provide more in detail

(Audrius Butkevicius) #8

Getting started guide explains how to set syncthing up.

(Kreddy0404) #9

This is not the new setup, it is running from more than 5 months.Also these devices are already connected and synced multiple days.they already know each other from long time.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #10

Well the logs say otherwise. Can you post a config?

Given you had check digits issues, I think the config is most likely corrupt/empty.

(Kreddy0404) #11

[monitor] 2017/11/14 16:24:56.994074 monitor.go:95: INFO: Starting syncthing [TSQWD] 2017/11/14 16:24:57.021811 main.go:665: INFO: syncthing v0.14.26 “Dysprosium Dragonfly” (go1.8 linux-amd64) jenkins@build.syncthing.net 2017-03-23 11:04:35 UTC [TSQWD] 2017/11/14 16:24:57.022095 main.go:666: INFO: My ID: TSQWDDX-2DI46YS-VWWTDOG-6GDOFJS-3T6YVRL-BPQ7NOT-H7PD3CR-OPFWAQ2

I can see device id different when i run STTRACE and in config file

config as below

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration version="19">
    <device id="7X3Q4YA-NCN6C6T-LCWTTUD-QQIIIEY-A4AYRHZ-H45ZBRN-MTMTAYU-DADLBA4" name="xxxxxxxxxx" compression="metadata" introducer="false" skipIntroductionRemovals="false" introducedBy="">

(Kreddy0404) #12
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration version="19">
    <device id="7X3Q4YA-NCN6C6T-LCWTTUD-QQIIIEY-A4AYRHZ-H45ZBRN-MTMTAYU-DADLBA4" name="XXXXXX" compression="metadata" introducer="false" skipIntroductionRemovals="false" introducedBy="">

(Audrius Butkevicius) #13

This does not look like a valid config.

(Kreddy0404) #14

Config file is very huge for me to upload onto this post as it is having hundreds of device ids and folders

(Audrius Butkevicius) #15

You can use an external paste bin if you wish. Essentially check that the device IDs that are rejected are present. They should have a separate device section and potentially be present in multiple folder sections.

(system) #16

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