FATAL: Config: check digit incorrect

syncthing[42543]: [7X3Q4] FATAL: Config: check digit incorrect. Few servers are not syncthing with master server and I am getting this error in master server. Can you please help with this issue? Thank you

Probably the config is corrupt - the error indicates a device ID is incorrect.

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Is it good to remove .config and run puppet to regenerate it?

It’s your config so you are free to manage it as you please. However it’s not possible to add an invalid device ID through the GUI, so I would verify that the config you are generating is indeed correct.

sync master1: syncthing[28156]: [5FQBS] INFO: Connection from CT375AG-7K4FVK6-OX3W5FY-KG3KJZW-YNXRMS6-XSJZELG-XBAD2FG-C65UMAO at (tcp-server) rejected: unknown device

sync master2: syncthing[42215]: [7X3Q4] INFO: Connection from NQV2ZWU-PBWN4WG-WUAJRNW-AYAFYC6-4WVBI3U-BDLMC2I-NL6MM4N-GDBQFQ2 at (tcp-server) rejected: unknown device

We are seeing this error on syncthing master servers where all remote devices will connect to sync files.

I will upload sttrace log logs shortly

There is nothing to upload, the devices in question are not added on each other, hence are refused. Please check the getting started guide.

Please provide more in detail

Getting started guide explains how to set syncthing up.

This is not the new setup, it is running from more than 5 months.Also these devices are already connected and synced multiple days.they already know each other from long time.

Well the logs say otherwise. Can you post a config?

Given you had check digits issues, I think the config is most likely corrupt/empty.

[monitor] 2017/11/14 16:24:56.994074 monitor.go:95: INFO: Starting syncthing [TSQWD] 2017/11/14 16:24:57.021811 main.go:665: INFO: syncthing v0.14.26 “Dysprosium Dragonfly” (go1.8 linux-amd64) jenkins@build.syncthing.net 2017-03-23 11:04:35 UTC [TSQWD] 2017/11/14 16:24:57.022095 main.go:666: INFO: My ID: TSQWDDX-2DI46YS-VWWTDOG-6GDOFJS-3T6YVRL-BPQ7NOT-H7PD3CR-OPFWAQ2

I can see device id different when i run STTRACE and in config file

config as below

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration version="19">
    <device id="7X3Q4YA-NCN6C6T-LCWTTUD-QQIIIEY-A4AYRHZ-H45ZBRN-MTMTAYU-DADLBA4" name="xxxxxxxxxx" compression="metadata" introducer="false" skipIntroductionRemovals="false" introducedBy="">
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration version="19">
    <device id="7X3Q4YA-NCN6C6T-LCWTTUD-QQIIIEY-A4AYRHZ-H45ZBRN-MTMTAYU-DADLBA4" name="XXXXXX" compression="metadata" introducer="false" skipIntroductionRemovals="false" introducedBy="">

This does not look like a valid config.

Config file is very huge for me to upload onto this post as it is having hundreds of device ids and folders

You can use an external paste bin if you wish. Essentially check that the device IDs that are rejected are present. They should have a separate device section and potentially be present in multiple folder sections.

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