Fantastic App

This app is most welcome, thank you to the devs. You guys rock for creating this.

A small issue on android fyi.

Android 6.0 has an external sdcard write restriction, and the-awesome-syncthing can’t write .stfolder. As a work around, is it possible to have a “Syncthing” folder on the internal sd as a default where all .stfolder(s) are kept? This would provide a way to get around the write restriction on android 6 and still get external sdcard folders syncing.

Comments welcome.



Stfolder is not just some random directory, it needs to be at the root of the folder to signify that the content of the folder hasn’t been accidentally wiped.

There is a workaround for folders on read-only filesystems: As it isn’t properly read only, you can also create the .stfolder dir manually instead.

However be aware, this will not “get around the write restriction on android”, it will just mean that you can share files created natively on android with other devices. You still can’t sync files from other devices to android.

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