Failed Transfers - A way to copy all the files to the side (in the same device)?

Is there a way to highlight/select the files that have failed, so that I could take one collective action on all the files, instead of going to each file and taking the appropriate action one by one?

Example: image

I’ve got 209 failed transfers. 95+% of which are invalid names.

I’m able to “mass rename” all the files, but that would require me to have them all grouped together or selected. The problem is that these 209 erroneous files are a part of a 144,000 file transfer process, and are located in various places within those 144K files (different folder, and some are in the same folder, but among thousands of other files).

So, instead of going to one by one, is there a way to, maybe, simply copy them in the host device, but to a different folder “Troubling Files”? So that I could see them all and make the appropriate changes?

Or is there another approach, that maybe I have overlooked, and hopefully it’s obvious and easy?

Note: Using SyncThing from Android to Windows 11. I apologise if this was already discussed, I’ve searched and browsed GitHub and the forum for similar subjects, but don’t see any. Or at least, not any that I understand. I am a simple user, that relies on GUI

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Hi @Jawad! Sorry, none that I know of.

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Nothing like that inside Syncthing. The easiest/fastest would probably be to log into the Android device using ADB, and then rename them all at once using the command line.

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CLI isn’t in my arsenal of skills, unfortunately :blush: Was talking more in the light of GUI users, and “point and click” solutions But I understand that it’s probably the less used aspect of SyncThing, I suppose.

Yeah, most mass renames like that are usually done with the command line. There are GUI programs for Windows that can do it as well, but I’m very doubtful whether anything similar is available for Android though.

My workaround was that, if I had all the files in one folder, I would connect my Android device via USB to Windows, and use the bulk rename program.

My main goal is to have all my files on my Windows machine, that’s the first thing in the checklist. But it would of course mean that the files will remain unsynced and recognised as errors, so, that’s the closest compromise I could think of.

If you have access to the terminal, and can find your way to cd (change directory) to the synced folder you could probably do it like this:

for i in ./*. ; do mv “$i” “${i}WAV” ; done

which will loop over all files ending with a dot and append WAV to their name. This is assuming they are all in one folder (as your screenshot shows).

Great idea. But, unfortunately they’re not all in one folder

You could modify the command to process all/selected folders, but if as you said, “CLI isn’t in your arsenal of skills”, I wouldn’t really recommend it, as you could easily wreak havoc this way, unless you test everything on temporary data first and are 100% sure that the script will do exactly what you want.

The real problem here is WhatsApp using filenames like that in the first place. There’s no valid reason for ending them with a dot, especially since this is usually FAT filesystem that can be mounted in various operating systems and people are very likely to be willing to copy them somewhere else, e.g. for backup purposes.