Failed to load ignore patterns, but why ?

Hello, sometime i have the message Failed to load ignore patterns. when trying to edit ignore patterns, but it doesn’t tell why it failes and I see nothing in log file (started syncthing with -logfile=)

Syncthing can read the .stignore file, and other mahines with the same pattern does not throw this message.

How can I troobleshoot this ?

In which way you create them? Inside of GUI or manually in a editor? If yes, in which editor?

If you open the developer console (F12), there should be an error with more information.

It would be a good idea to also display the error message alongside the generic Failed to load ... text.

I have had this happen on very slow hardware when Syncthing was also busy doing other stuff, e.g. scanning. It would either take forever to load the patterns, or it would fail with the error message described here.

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