"Failed items" when deleting files?

I’m using 1.0.0~ds1-1 (Debian Stable) with four nodes on AMD64 and ARM64. I realize this is not the latest version. However, my use case is extremely basic, which is why I hope it’s a configuration/understanding issue and not a bug.

I have a test directory shared between all four nodes (each sharing with each other). When I create new files in this directory, these files appear on the other nodes within seconds.

However, if I delete the files on a single node, I see “Failed items” (“no such file or directory”) on the node where I deleted the files - and sometimes also on other nodes.

The log entry: Apr 11 10:33:09 hostname syncthing[21042]: [2DWQ4] INFO: Scanner (folder xxxxx-yyyyy, file “FILE.txt”): scan: lstat /home/cotto/test/FILE.txt: no such file or directory

Could you tell me if this is an unsupported use case? I’m surprised that this basic use case doesn’t work.

Thank you, Carsten

Me too. I suspect something more is going on, but also that build is both old and Debianized (meaning it might be different from our releases in ways we don’t understand).

I suggest a release from https://apt.syncthing.net/, then if the problem persists we can at least help debug it.

OK, no issue with that version. Thanks. I’m confused that it didn’t work with the Debian version, is/was that a known bug?


Not that I remember, but 1.0.0 is 1.25 years and 669 commits ago, and as mentioned the Debian build isn’t straight up our source but a modified one. So no idea, really.


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