Extreme increase in the amount of database files.

I recently reset my already somewhat older database by removing it. Until then there were 63 *.ldb files. Now there are already 2442 *.ldb files and the index is not quite finished. Now one could think that maybe the old index was not complete. However, the synchronized device is identical. So all files were transferred correctly. A file comparison brought this to light. I’m not really surprised about the current amount of *.ldb files, because a lot of data and especially consisting of extremely many small single files are transferred here. But I am very surprised about the extreme increase from 63 to now 2442 database files. Is this “dangerous”, so it could be that the synchronization is now no longer running correctly, or how can this be explained?

The database gets compacted as it grows, from many small files to fewer large files. Syncthing also applies certain optimizations for either large or small databases depending on the size at startup. If you reset it, Syncthing probably started again with settings optimized for a small setup. Once things have grown and stabilized you should be back at something similar to before. Regardless, it has no real consequences other than cosmetic, and a performance hit while it’s growing/compacting.

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