extract' inotify tools for synology


I have installed Syncthing on a DSM 218+ - works very well.

Now I want to use inotifywait to monitor a directory and when new files arrive, I want to process these files via script.

The infinitools are part of Syncthing, but the tools are only implemented within Syncthing.

Where/how can I use inotifywait itself?

I couldn’t find a suitable package (might be incompatible with the installation of Syncthing). This package cannot be installed http://synology.francis-besset.com

Can you help me to install the inotifytools?

Thanks a lot

That’s not really a Syncthing question, so you might get better help on synology forums (though there’s quite a few synology users here) - I personally have no idea. However if you do run a script, you might also use Syncthing’s event API to act upon arriving/synced files: ItemFinished — Syncthing v1 documentation