External File Versioning Script to Match Simple File Versioning

Is there an existing External Versioning script which does exactly what Simple File Versioning does? (Prefer Windows, but I could make Linux work.)

I have a need to do versioning which is just like EFV except not to version a particular file type.

If I attempt to duplicate the effect of Simple, I’ll undoubtedly have some bugs. If such a script exists, I’ll have a better chance of adding the logic not to version my “bad” file type.

I’m not skilled at golang. If there isn’t an existing bash/cmd script, I suppose I could model my new script based on the go code in Syncthing.

How about simply setting up some kind of a script to delete that particular file type from .stversions periodically?

However, I need to point out that Simple File Versioning is currently bugged (see https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/7988). You may want to use a different Versioning type like Staggered for the time being. The script solution still applies.

Thank you. That certainly is a possibility. Another possibility would be to exclude that file type for the existing share, and create another share in which I sync only that file type with no versioning.

I wish there were a way to override the version count at the folder level.

Thank you for the tip about the SFV bug!

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