Extend current filename-only to a longer path in Out Of Sync

Hello! :slight_smile:

I came across a little problem when syncing which is this:

When files are Out Of Sync you can view which of the files that are affected. The problem arises for me when I have several folders with identical or similar filenames. It is then hard to identify which files are affected.

I suggest either adding a longer path for these files or perhaps include a tooltip via(html title?) which displays a longer path for all the respective files.

I’m using v0.11.24 on Mac OS X (64 bit) :sunny:


You might want to add this as to the issue tracker.

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I guess I have seen tooltips like that already… Just can’t provoke the situation right now.

here it is on a Linux System:

Oh well then :smiley: Sloppy me!

Like this?