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Hey can i export/make rapport for the changes that happened on syncing folder to txt, csv or pdf file ? for example device 1 changed a.docx at 09:08 - 30/03/2022 device 3 removed c.pdf at 10:35 - 31/03/2022 device x add new file at … etc

Probably the easiest is to run with -verbose. There is also -audit which is more machine oriented.

Sorry not clear! run with -verbos and -audit for what ? which exe should i stat with cmd ?

Please specify how you’ve installed Syncthing in the first place. Judging by what you’ve written, the OS is Windows, but there’s still a big difference whether you’re using just the Syncthing binary or rather a wrapper like SyncTrayzor.

In fact, if you’re not using SyncTrayzor, then I’d suggest to try it out first, because SyncTrayzor actually provides a list of synced files as one of its features.

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Yup you are right, im using SyncTrayzor on windows 11 …

Have you checked the DownloadLog.csv produced by SyncTrayzor? If not, then please check it out and see whether it’s enough for your needs or not. If it’s not enough though, they you probably do need to run Syncthing with the -versobose and/or -audit flags, but then you will also probably need to write some kind of a script to parse the logs and filter only the lines that you need.

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