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In the android GUI to exclude from the Documents folder the Books sub folder and all the files contained in Books, in the .stignore file that opens by clicking on the “File exclusion schemes” option do I simply have to write Books ?

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This should ignore exactly the Books directory and anything it contains:

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Thanks ! Before posting I read the chapter of the guide that you link to me, but I didn’t understand much. To exclude the folder eg. Black book ? Maybe /“Black Book” ?

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Just Black book (or /Black book depending on the path). The quotes are unnecessary (and in fact won’t work, unless your actual filename has quotes in it).

I’d suggest to just experiment with a temporary folder or something. Ignore patterns aren’t that complicated, so I’d bet you’ll figure them out pretty quickly.

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Thanks. Don’t misunderstand my ignorance of English out of laziness. Unfortunately, technical translations are not always well translated by Google. I’m already doing some tests …

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