everything look OK but changes are not transfered


I am trying to synchronize two windows PC. Using 0.14.26 syncthing and 0.8.5 syncthing-inotify.

It happen before so I did uninstall syncthing {deleting it and configs} then install from scratch and configure. It was working OK for while.


  • creating new file on PC #1
  • I can see log message in inotify window on PC #1
  • PC #2 saying in webgui, that that file is last update BUT file is not on PC #2 !!!
  • synchronize in opposite direction is same problem.
  • webgui on both PC saying that folder is “up to date” and that other PC is “up to date” too

what should I check? what can be problem?

thank you

Show us a screen shot from each of the devices with the folder expanded.