events api not working correctly

1.6.1 - when query is sent using event type “FolderCompletion” or “ItemFinished” it times out. If I Use “FolderCompletion,FolderErrors” it works - even though there are no errors. If I use “FolderCompletion,FolderErrors,ItemFinished” it fails. - am I missing something? Using all event - I can see the ItemFinished and FolderCompletion.

Asking for custom event types sets up a new subscription on the first call, so you’ll only get such events generated from that point onwards.

OK - I understand that - so each time we send the initial request - we build a queue for that type that starts and goes forward. IDs are numbered from the start of the queue. If we restart syncthing - does that remove all the queues? Can we have multiple custom queues?


OK - got it - is there a way to drop a custom queue?

Every time you launch Syncthing it starts from scratch with global ID and ID? Nothing persists between runs even in the full event queue with no parameters?

Yes, none of the queues are persisted.

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