Event API: the event LocalChangeDetected is not called

I am using the latest version syncthing v0.14.14 and syncthing-inotify on the platform Windows 10 64 bit (also tested Ubuntu 16.04). When I make local changes (add, remove file, update), the event LocalChangeDetected in log “/rest/events?since=0” is not called, only events Starting, FolderSummary, StateChanged, Ping, LocalIndexUpdated. what could be the problem?

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be documented. Fetch them from /rest/events/disk.

Thank you. It works. It’s not in the documentation. How do I get full documentation (ItemStarted, ItemFinished, etc) Event API?

The other events are on /rest/events, only the LocalChangeDetected is on /rest/events/disk. The documentation is lagging behind the implementation.

I would like to move ItemStarted and ItemFinished to /rest/events/disk and talked about this on IRC the other day, but that probably won’t be happen soon as there are people who depend on those events in their current location.

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