Event API Parameters

I am looking for what query parameters are supported when building the URL for a Event API Get.

The only ones I can find listed in the docs are for: events= since= limit= timeout=

I was hoping to have a way to preform a GET of event data for targeted folders.

eg. https://localhost:8384/rest/events?events=FolderSummary&since=0&limit=1&folder=

The hope was I would be able to get the local status of specific folders on demand via the GET request. So far I have not been able to find a method to filter the request to specific folder ids.

Any ideas?

Hoping to maybe answer my own question…

I was looking at the source and found reference to the GET /rest/db/completion which allows for specific folders to be specified. I did a quick test and it appears to be what I want.

I am not sure if there are advantages/disadvantages to using the GET against the events compared to against the db/completion.

At least in previous versions /rest/db/completion needed a lot of time depending on folder size so using it often was not a good idea, I think nowadays this is a lot better.

Events still has the advantage that you can continuously poll it (and it will block if there is no new event) to get instant updates for everything. I guess what is better depends on your usecase.

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