Eudaemon: A peer-to-peer electronic identity system

The transport layer is currently Syncthing.


As a new moon rises over the ruins of Alexandria’s Library a new technology comes into the world:

Eudaemon: A peer-to-peer electronic identity system

Release notes v1 Installer hash: 3489c9680dbaa0a84d04fbe0b84ed61bf87343a45b04a39b5ec33beb306683bd

Agathos D3B12E8EBE4A212955B1BF13F49BD18BE5409784 With help from: Atlas, Monad, Pan, Toto and Bald Eagle


By combining a small-world trust network, a peer-to-peer storage system, a fungible reputation, and personal blockchains, we create a peer-to-peer electronic identity system for individuals to secure and assert their identities and histories without requiring a central institution. At the core of this system is proof of human (PoH), a peer consensus mechanism based on asymmetric key signing and threshold signatures, which prevents any M-of-N peers from claiming authority over an individual’s identity. Trusted peers act as relays to the greater network and provide storage and propagation of messages allowing for persistent serverless digital identity and digital interactions.

We anchor identity and associated data to our social peers using the robust and easy to recover data structure that is a personal blockchain to solve identity sovereignty and data loss problems simultaneously. This solves the general key management problem by providing secure backup and recovery of seed phrases and private keys from trusted peer groups without the need for a central authority. Personal blockchains are used instead of a classic central blockchain so no initial tokens need to be mined or purchased before being able to participate. The system enables creation of identity at birth, the restoration of identity and personal blockchain in the event of identity/device loss and the autonomous execution of digital legacy/will at death. We propose that this, when used in conjunction with traditional blockchain networks, will allow for widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Website: Git repo:

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Instructions: To install run bash Eudaemon_installer.bash from your shell and follow the prompts. It will check for dependencies. To add a friend you and your friend must BOTH export and send your identity bloqs to one another. And then you and your friend must BOTH import each others identity bloqs and wait for the nodes to sync with each other.

Feature list:

  • Persistent recoverable digital identity
  • Small world network topology
  • Key management system
  • Kudos - a fungible and transferable reputation system
  • Sovereign identity
  • Web of trust
  • Rich command line interface (cli)
  • Feature rich text user interface (gui)
  • Data backups
  • Friend requests for friends of friends
  • Relay messaging
  • Secret sharing framework
  • Serverless architecture
  • Extensible protocol - build apps on Eudaemon small world graph using custom bloqs

Release notes:

This is a proof of concept! Built on Linux, tested some time ago on Freebsd. Has not been tested on macos and windows.


  • There certainly are many - however Eudaemon allows the forming of secure private small world networks.
  • We are unaware of any way to attack the network externally.
  • Known attack vectors are limited to attacks from nodes that you have explicitly trusted - your friends.
  • So if you want to play with the proof of concept only add people you actually trust to your private network.
  • So save your seed phrases and critical backups at your own risk! - wait until we move out of proof of concept phase.
  • Very little to no validation of input content.

Incomplete and will be patched in later:

  • We have made every effort to design the bloqs in a complete a future proof manner, however if we discover an oversight we may have to reboot the chains (rewrite)
  • We did not have time to overhaul the TUI before launch - many of the features are hidden too many hops deep into the interface.
  • Drop bloqs not complete
  • Re-mapping guardians requires drop bloq functionality, so you wont be able to re-map your guardians after you select them until the next patch
  • Re hiding secrets after recovering them also depends on drop bloqs
  • CLI will certainly be changed to be more UNIX standard compliant
  • Formalised consensus framework for forming consensus
  • The system already allows for uploading a will and testament and splits your legacy private key amongst your guardians. However the interface and mechanism to form consensus of death and restore the legacy key for reading of will is not yet implemented. It works now - but would require some manual effort on behalf of the guardians.
  • Highly under-optimised!! Speed of deamon should be able to go up 5x just on simple optimisations of moving more variables into memory and implementing indexes on the database.

Thank you to all the family and friends for the support!

Thank you to all the dependencies that made this possible:

  • Bash
  • GNU userland
  • GPG
  • Syncthing
  • and many many more
  • Please consider donating to any of these great projects


If we get enough funds we will rewrite the system in Rust or Go…

BTC bc1q4zx9gdvza79camsd90963j59ke7r4e9jl90alw XMR 8BxusEYuoNLc3DpF4wfxJhRrcPbtZnW8DaDcwbCDKebdLd1YLxbhj9sPrwj1GfKG3QG17qCiARxtXVeipNsfrGchMRCA32j ETH 0xaaa389469fe5c7fd3a21a2801ffa94c7f703fc25 BSV 1D4oBJAU6k2wHLjivF1rDWQ5yMrrryAMto

It has been a very long time in stealth mode. We hope this system is of use! We look forward to collaboration and feedback! -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

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