Error when changing theme


I do a clean install of syncthing on 2 new computers, i launch 0.14.5 all works but when i want to change the theme for “Dark” one i have this error : “Decoding posted config: unexpected EOF” and the theme remain the default one.

I try on both computers, and i have the same problème with other browser, Edge, IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome.

If i change the theme manualy in config.xml, that works.

Open an issue.

On github ? i do not have account :frowning:

Just tried to reproduce. Neither in version 0.14.4 nor in version 0.14.5 I could reproduce this. Changing the theme works without problems.

(Current Firefox on Windows 7, through apache 2.4 reverse proxy)

Edit 1: added Windows Version

The both computers are in windows 10 pro anniversary update x64

And if i use SyncThing with SyncTrayzor on theses computers, i do not have the problem. It is very strange :frowning:

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